Stainless Retouching

Shooting interiors with stainless steel appliances is a nightmare unless they’re completely spotless!  Even then, they often reflect light and colors that defy geometric principles and they just look plain crappy.  Recently I shot a kitchen where the appliances were a hot mess (not the one in the video) so I decided to tinker in Photoshop for a solution.  I started by making a selection using the path tool, then using a large soft brush I sampled the different colored areas and loosely painted over the stainless.  Next I added some noise, masked the handles in, and created some drop shadows to pull it all together.  Is it perfect?  No, but it’s something that I’m going to keep playing with to see how far I can push it.

Kitchen 1 fffdsddinal











Last year I saved up all winter for a full studio lighting setup to learn food, still life and product photography and had a very limited budget to equip myself with everything I would need to get started…

I ordered 4 Flashpoint DG600 monolights, a couple strip boxes, a large (really large) beauty dish, a grid set, a couple rolls of diffusion, and a jumbo soft box all of which I picked up in April.

My intention was to start building a portfolio during my spare time but a silly thing called summer (aka; I’m swamped shooting interiors and it’s way too nice out to be cooped up in the basement) happened.

That said, my newly acquired gear has been collecting dust ever since – until now!  I finally decided to get my butt back into the studio to shoot my first love; vino tinto!

This is a composite of two frames – one for the bottle, the background and the label and another for the small neck detail…

Bottoms up!!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


Every month the website, an online resource for professional real estate photographers holds a contest that showcases the best real estate photos from around the world. Each month has a different theme and the competition is fierce! The images that get entered are from photographers all over the globe and are literally the best of the best when it comes to residential interiors.

The contest runs for 15 days and is judged by jury of the top real estate photographers in the business. Larry Lohrman, who runs the website recently said that just getting points in the contest puts you in the top few percent of shooters on the entire planet!

After numerous top five finishes over the past couple of years, including a second place finish in February of this year I’ve finally taken first place by a significant margin – my photo earned a total of 48 points which beat out the second place photo by 28 points and earned more votes than the top 5 photos combined!