Last year I saved up all winter for a full studio lighting setup to learn food, still life and product photography and had a very limited budget to equip myself with everything I would need to get started…

I ordered 4 Flashpoint DG600 monolights, a couple strip boxes, a large (really large) beauty dish, a grid set, a couple rolls of diffusion, and a jumbo soft box all of which I picked up in April.

My intention was to start building a portfolio during my spare time but a silly thing called summer (aka; I’m swamped shooting interiors and it’s way too nice out to be cooped up in the basement) happened.

That said, my newly acquired gear has been collecting dust ever since – until now!  I finally decided to get my butt back into the studio to shoot my first love; vino tinto!

This is a composite of two frames – one for the bottle, the background and the label and another for the small neck detail…

Bottoms up!!


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